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Summer is fast approaching and the options for stylish hats and caps are endless, from fedoras to top hats. 
So which hat styles, should you choose this summer to ensure your fun time in the shade, or relaxing in the sun, lasts all day, and is safe from over exposure of face sunburn? 
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Read on, for our ultimate run-through of the different types of hats the whole family needs for their summer wardrobe.


1. The Floppy Hat Staple

If there is one hat that every woman should purchase it has to be the classic wide-brimmed floppy straw hat. It's the quickest way to transform your appearance from bland to effortlessly chic whether you're on vacation or heading to your local park. Accessorizing your hat with a brooch, ribbon or flower can add a customized flair to your individual style.  

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2. Bucket Hat, Cabbie and Newsboy Hats

For the trendsetters and fashionistas out there, the bucket hat, train driver or engineer hats, berets, cabbie or newsboy cap has made a major comeback for both men and women. Keep that in mind when you're picking an outfit. With new takes on these classic pieces, there are styles that suit all occasions whether you wish to step out in formal wear or casual. 

For extra style points, remember that the hat of the season combines color, clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories to match the entire outfit.

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3. Keep The Kids Happy

Summer fedora hats, boaters hat, panama hats, and fancy fun caps are a great addition to your family wardrobe, to help the kids enjoy summer safely.


These favorites are appropriate for all ages and are a leading style trend thanks to the huge array of color options to suit everyone. What's more, it's great for moms on the go because you can fold or roll the hat and place it a bag without the hat losing it's shape. 


4. Cover All Bases

The sun is shining, the breeze is cool, it's time to rally the relatives for a game in the park. It wouldn't be the ultimate guide to summer hat styles without the addition of the baseball cap.

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Patterned, embroidered, plain, bedazzled - you name it, there is a baseball cap out there to fit the description. Whether you're out for a coastal walk or working up a sweat at the outdoor gym, the baseball cap is your best friend for staying cool this summer. 

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Hats Off To You All!

By sticking to these proven styles, the whole family can find something that works for them. Customize for your personal style by selecting your favorite colors and fabrics or make something truly unique by adding flowers, feathers or pins.

Think of a hat as a simple finishing touch to showcase your individuality in an affordable and easy way.

Browse our collection of hats to find your perfect fit for months of summer fun the whole family can enjoy. 



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